10 Geeky Ways to Dress Up Your iProduct


While you’re dipping into your pockets for holiday fare, we give you full permission to indulge yourself and spoil your inner iNerd. There are plenty of hardware accessories and other iProduct modifications you can add to your phones, tablets and MP3 players, but we’ve selected ten of the best — and geekiest — to make your life easier. Whether you spend most of your time making movies, playing videogames, or collecting vinyl, there’s an iPhone, iPad, or iPod mod for you. Take your shopping cart for a spin past the break.

Old school Macintosh for iPhones

[via Design You Trust]

’80s Walkman for iPhone and iPod Touch

[via CNET]

LEGO block for iPhone

[via Technabob]

Vintage arcade cabinet for iPad

[via thenextweb]

Eco-friendly vintage camera for iPhone

[via Trend Hunter]

Retro rotary dial with lens filters (9 total) for iPhone

[via PetaPixel]

Vintage vinyl record for iPhone

[via goigniteit]

Flexible table dolly for iPhone

[via Design You Trust]

Vintage arcade pinball for iPhone and iPod Touch

[via newpotatotech]

Steampunk base for iPhone

[via iRetrofone]