Fausta Facciponte’s Unsettling Photographs of Forgotten Dolls


What becomes of our discarded childhood dolls? Do they make their way into the loving arms of another kid or wind up lonely, collecting dust at the bottom of a discount bin? Canadian artist Fausta Facciponte explores the afterlives of abandoned dolls in her haunting photo series Doll-O-Rama. Part of her Lost and Found collection — for which Facciponte captures forgotten items — it aims to show off the beauty that lies behind the worn-out eyes of old, thrift-store dolls, although the vibrantly colored, large-scale depictions of the lost, battle-scarred toys give off a more unsettling vibe. Page through the evocative images below, and find out more about Facciponte’s work at her website.

Fausta Facciponte, Walter, 2009 [Spotted via Junkculture]

Fausta Facciponte, Sheila, 2009

Fausta Facciponte, Pip (a.k.a. Philip), 2010

Fausta Facciponte, Shirley, 2009

Fausta Facciponte, Elle, 2011

Fausta Facciponte, Moggie, 2007

Fausta Facciponte, Otto, 2011

Fausta Facciponte, Emme, 2011

Fausta Facciponte, Roselle, 2009

Fausta Facciponte, Peter, 2009