Fashion Designers’ Crazy Homemade Christmas Trees


Over the past 16 years, Parisian charity event Les Sapins de Noël des Créateurs has called upon lauded fashion designers, artists, and architects to put their own spin on the classic Christmas tree — for a good cause, of course. Masterminded by Marie-Christiane Marek, the yearly event is held in early December and showcases innovative tree creations by fashion’s most adored houses. The designs go on display for the public to enjoy before being auctioned off to support a children’s charity — this year’s proceeds supported Association pour la Vie-Espoir contre le Cancer (A.V.E.C.). Given full creative license, the designers have kept a basic tree silhouette in mind, but completely departed from the norm, fashioning gorgeous trees composed of an ever-expanding variety of materials, like Stella McCartney’s festive ode to knitting and Chantal Thomas’s bizarre mannequin-leg masterpiece. Check out Christmas trees by the likes of Christian Dior, Chanel, and Sonia Rykiel after the jump.

Stella McCartney [via]

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