The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories


1. Tyler, the Creator — who, along with his Odd Future cohorts, made our list of the year’s most controversial cultural icons — is in trouble again. The rapper was arrested in Hollywood last night for destroying sound equipment at the Roxy, where he had performed. Also, his mom was there. [via TMZ]

2. South Carolina can’t afford to run a Republican primary in 2012, so an unlikely Charleston native has stepped up to foot the bill: Stephen Colbert has announced that his Colbert Super PAC is willing to provide the $500k the party needs. But state GOP officials seem less than thrilled about taking contributions from the comedian, and it’s unclear whether it’s even legal for a PAC to fund a primary. [via AP]

3. The creators of Jersey Shore are targeting an (in our opinion) infinitely more interesting subculture with their next reality show: nerds. Called Fandom Rising, it’s described as an “experimental documentary series that takes a deeper look at the lives and relationships of people who love fantasy, fiction, cosplay, comics, gaming and science.” [via Jezebel]

4. Today in dirty, sexy Christmas presents, Rihanna has released the music video for “You Da One.” According to Vulture’s Willa Paskin, it’s pretty steamy, even by RiRi standards: “Possibly no male performer has ever grabbed his crotch this much in a concentrated period of time, and they certainly haven’t done it in leather overalls, fishnets, and shorts, or in Clockwork Orange-homage gear.” Watch it here.

5. We’ve been a bit worried about Cameron Crowe‘s comeback film, We Bought a Zoo, which comes out today. Now the reviews are in, and at 59 percent on the Tomatometer, it looks like critics aren’t loving it.

Bonus video: The history of glitter