What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office


Today at Flavorpill, we filled our New Year’s Eve shopping list with selections from The Hairpin’s roundup of great champagnes that cost less than $13. We discovered which celebrities people would least like to have as neighbors — and agreed that The Situation would make a particularly awful addition to our building. We relived the year’s best pop quotes and prayed that “adorkable” and “winning” would both disappear in 2012. We tried to make ourselves care about an Andrew Lloyd Webber-backed Jesus Christ Superstar reality show. We enjoyed io9’s list of the year’s best and worst sci-fi and fantasy movies. (Their #1 pick, Attack the Block, was one of our favorites, too.) We were grateful to The Wrap for solving the mystery of why we got an email about our New York Times home delivery subscription when we don’t even have one. We watched a surprisingly fascinating video about the journey checked airline baggage takes (you know, when it actually makes it to the correct destination). We read the most excruciating run-on sentence in the history of the Internet, and it made our head hurt. We weren’t surprised that 2011’s ten most pirated movies include very few films we would have paid to see in a theater. And finally, we thought this Neutral Milk Hotel skirt was really… something. Right?