What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office


Today at Flavorpill, we recalled 2011’s biggest band beefs, two of which involved Bon Iver. We met the entire Nintendo family, in a piece of deviantART that depicts all of its countless major characters. We watched a bizarre pair of elderly Christian twin sisters perform a pantomime to Radiohead’s “Street Spirit.” We discovered that Kelly Clarkson is a Ron Paul supporter, and also that she’s so educated about the Republican presidential candidate that she hadn’t realized he’s been accused of homophobia and racism. We laughed out loud at this spot-on faux flyer for Every New Year’s Eve Club Night Ever. We cringed our way through Salon critics’ discussion of “The Very Worst of 2011.” We enjoyed The Rumpus’s wide-ranging interview with Adrian Tomine. We were only occasionally stumped by this cool 1980s film alphabet poster, which doubles as a movie-geek quiz. We read that obligatory year-end think piece about the end of rock ‘n’ roll. And finally, we broke in our 2012 calendar with the news that Portlandia will make its second full episode of Season 2 — the one devoted to Battlestar Galactica — available to Facebook fans January 1st. Sounds like the perfect New Year’s Eve hangover cure to us.