The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories


1. “Industry sources” report that Apple will begin selling 32- and 37-inch television sets next year. Called iTVs, the devices will supposedly draw on an extensive library of on-demand programming and incorporate everyone’s favorite virtual assistant, Siri. [via Digital Spy]

2. Slash says that he’d like to squash his feud with his former Guns N’ Roses band mate Axl Rose. According to the guitarist, the duo’s rift “got built up into this monster that led to a kind of animosity that wasn’t the focus for me.” [via NME ]

3. Interesting hiring decision: Robert “Joe” Halderman, the CBS News producer who served six months in jail for attempting to extort David Letterman, has a new gig on Investigation Discovery’s On the Case with Paula Zahn. Insert tawdry “investigation” and/or “discovery” innuendo here. [via NY Daily News ]

4. According to UK tabloid Mirror , the one and only Joan Collins is in talks to appear on Downton Abbey as Maggie Smith‘s cousin — but only if the show does a 2012 Christmas special.

5. Fox Latin America had to apologize after running a delightful Christmas poll asking readers whether they thought Jews killed Jesus. Really. [via AP]

Bonus video: A tribute to the TV shows we lost in 2011