Watch Kids Obliterate a White Room with Thousands of Stickers


We don’t know about you, but this installation at the Brisbane Gallery of Modern Art is pretty much making all of our childhood decorating dreams come true. Color-crazy artist Yayoi Kusama set up an enormous living room-type space in the gallery, painted it a pristine white, and then handed out thousands of colored dot stickers to the museum’s tiniest patrons, giving them free reign to customize the room as they saw fit — and customize they did. The result is something out of a Dr. Seuss book — or maybe a Wonder Bread commercial — but we think you’ll agree that the color explosion is much more fun than all that stark white. The interactive installation, called “The Obliteration Room,” is just part of Kusama’s larger exhibit entitled Look Now, See Forever, running through March 12. Click through to see the room transform, and we guarantee that you’ll feel a little nostalgia for your own days of obliterating clean surfaces.

[via Colossal]