Joss Whedon Series Reimagined as 1960s Folk Albums


If you’re a proud member of Joss Whedon’s loyal army of fans, then these fictional album covers designed by computer game concept artist Joey Spiotto might be just the thing to decorate your apartment’s walls. “I was always a fan of old vinyl art of children’s music, so I wanted to incorporate a retro feel,” he explains. “I’ve never really had a chance to design an album cover, and when I started thinking about what would be a fun illustration to do for Serenity, I thought since music was such a strong component of the show, that an album would be perfect.” Click through to check out his original effort, as well as additional work from the series, including pieces inspired by Buffy, Caprica, and Dr. Horrible, all of which are available for purchase as prints in his Etsy shop.

[via i09]