The Weirdest Celebrity Action Figures Out There


The Internet has been abuzz with news of the new (unofficial) Steve Jobs action figure due out in February, which is unnervingly life-like, and thus incredibly creepy. Plus, it may just be us, but we think action figure status should be reserved for superheroes and action stars, or even other characters from film and television — we think it’s pretty weird when they’re made for actual people. Of course, some celebrity action figures (we’re using the term loosely) are weirder than others, and we’ve collected several of the most bizarre for your perusal — whether their strangeness comes from concept, execution, or the fact that people bought a talking Ann Coulter doll, all of them kind of blow our minds. Click through to see (and, in some cases, buy!) our picks for the weirdest celebrity action figures out there, and let us know if we’ve missed your prized plaything in the comments.

Steve Jobs, $100 from InIcons

Kate and Pippa Middleton, $190 and $50 from Hero Builders

Ann Coulter Talking Doll [Image via]

Mark Zuckerberg, $70 from MIC Store

Terry Richardson [Image via]

Vanilla Ice

Marie Antoinette (with ejecting head), $10 from Amazon

John Travolta

John Lennon Talking Action Figure, £35 from More Than Music

Sarah Palin and her many outfits, $36 from Hero Builders