A Graphic Designer’s Ode to Apple’s “Think Different” Campaign


Back in the ’90s, you couldn’t turn on the TV or flip through a magazine without coming across one of Apple’s “Think Different” ads. While the company officially retired the slogan back in 2002, for most of us, the catchphrase — which was coined by Chiat/Day art director Craig Tanimoto — remains permanently engrained in our heads as an easy shorthand for Apple’s entire creative philosophy. With this in mind, Swedish graphic designer Viktor Hugo, whose minimalist song posters, honest corporate logos, and pictogram versions of famous films we’ve previously covered on the site, has created an equally inspired homage to the famed campaign.

“The Apple logo is just such a strong one, everyone recognizes it and have their own relation to it,” he told My Modern Met. “I thought it could be fun to elaborate with the concept and create a set with new ways of thinking. I hope Apple appreciates it, and doesn’t demand me to take them away!” Click through to check out a selection of our favorites from his latest project, which you can view in its entirety on Behance.