‘How I Met Your Mother’ Launches Yet Another Semi-Fictional Website


Last night on How I Met Your Mother, Ted and Barney started a bar called “Puzzles” in Ted’s apartment. “Why is it called ‘Puzzles?’ That’s the puzzle!” Relatively benign, as far as hijinks go, it’s true, but what else would you expect? To accompany the episode, CBS launched a website for Puzzles (as if Ted and Barney would be together enough for their apartment/bar to have a shiny website), adding to the ever-growing digital world associated with the show — think Barney’s video resumé and Robin Sparkles’ MySpace page. It may be silly, but the site is actually pretty funny, if you go in for HIMYM-type humor, filled with Barney and Ted’s warring influences (nightly events include “Women in 17th Century Literature / Women on Barney” and “Dress as Your Favorite (Slutty) Architect”) and tons of dad-joke wordplay. Do you think these online accoutrements add a welcome interactive dimension to the show, or do they function as just cheap, one-off jokes? Let us know what you think in the comments. [via THR]