Breathtaking Natural Landscapes Carved into Vintage Books


Decades-old, decaying hardcover books have an intrinsic, stately beauty about them. This timeless charm serves as a departure point for Canadian interdisciplinary artist Guy Laramée, who transforms the pages of elegantly aging books into sculptures of mountains, lakes, and monuments. Although the effect is breathtaking, Laramée’s intention isn’t purely to give pleasure. Titled The Great Wall and often depicting Eastern architecture and iconography, his series of carved books envisions a future in which, “Having recently overthrown the American Empire in the 23rd century, the Chinese Empire set out to chronicle the history of the Great Panics during the 21st and 22nd centuries.” Click through for a gallery of our favorite images from the set, and then visit Laramée’s website to learn more about the project and explore the artist’s other work.

Guy Laramée, Grand Larousse, 2010

Guy Laramée, Thoreau, 2010

Guy Laramée, Longmen, 2010

Guy Laramée, (Tectonique 4) Toutes les idées se ressemblent, 2008

Guy Laramée, Historia das americas, 2009

Guy Laramée, Ryoanji, 2010

Guy Laramée, Water and Land, 2010

Guy Laramée, Petra, 2007

Guy Laramée, Deux hermitages, 2008

Guy Laramée, Official Report, 2009