Summer, a Time to Art in the Park It


Citydwellers are notoriously blase about their urban environs, so very over the latest bar/band/trend… unless it’s summer and the topic at hand is an arts series at a public park. There’s something about the combination of public space and culture that causes even the most been-there, done-that among us to totally geek out. At Flavorpill, we’re all too happy to aid and abet said geekery. Read on for a rundown of summer arts events at parks from coast to coast.

New York – Spencer Finch’s High Line exhibition will be around until next June, but that doesn’t mean you should be the last one to see it. Same goes for John Morgan’s Central Park sound installation, Jessica Stockholder’s Flooded Chambers Maid at Madison Square Park, and a slew of other sculptures and performances you can read about at If that’s not enough to satisfy your cultural cravings, River To River Festival offers up every kind of free, live performance you could possibly want — including under-loved genres like dance and opera — in parks across Manhattan.

Chicago – Spend your lunch break taking in concerts at Millennium Park and don’t miss this summer’s exhibition of large-scale Chinese sculptures. But don’t be a wallflower; summer is also a time to be fun and fancy free, which is to say, a time to dance your ass off at Chicago SummerDance: we’re talking one-hour lessons from professionals, followed by two hours of freestyle boogie-ing, each and every weekend. All that, plus a slew of free festivals!

Los Angeles– Hit up Pershing Square on Tuesdays and Thursdays for a lunchtime concert series, get in touch with the environment by checking out an earth-friendly exhibit, and on the weekends, watch old Hollywood hits with the unparalleled ambiance provided by a surrounding cemetery.

San Francisco– The city’s Golden Gate Park will play host to various music festivals and a battle of the bands. And then SF’s most illustrious mime troupe will be performing for free throughout the Bay Area. Elsewhere, range from fresh-air film picks Pretty in Pink to Slumdog Millionaire.

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