4 Annoying Images That Won’t Go Away


The only real advantage to the Internet hype cycle is that today’s annoyance is tomorrow’s afterthought. Still, we’re particularly put off this week by the prevalence of unnecessary controversy tethered to iconic imagery. OK, so maybe we’re hypocrites for perpetuating the cycle, but can we put them away already? After the jump, the four images (and accompanying non-controversies) sending our gossip meters into annoyance overload.

1. Adam Lambert

We don’t necessarily believe in gaydar, but come on guys, no one — gay or straight — wears that much eyeliner unless they have some sort of secret (perhaps crow’s feet?). Also, way to go Rolling Stone on getting the scoop of the century: You got him to come out, only weeks after pictures of him in drag making out with men.

2. Bruno bares his bum… on Eminem

OMG, Borat just totally punk’d Slim Shady!?! Dude! It’s the MTV Movie Awards. Has anything unscripted ever occurred? Also, butts are all well and good, but two stereotypes (be they homo or homophobes) don’t make a right.

3. Lady Gaga

Just when we thought she couldn’t become any more of a twinkie starlet with no sense of style… there’s this. Wow Rolling Stone, between this and that Lambert story, you really are pushing music to new places.

4. David Carradine in Tights

First came reports that he may have died in some sort of auto-erotic accident. Now pictures have emerged of the actor in what looks like women’s underwear. Honestly, the tabloids didn’t know or care who he was last week. Why can’t they leave the man alone?