Gorgeous Vintage Polish Film Poster Collection


Eye Sea Posters showcases a stunning collection of original vintage film posters — most of which are from Poland — from the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s. Surreal art and stylish typography combine to create memorable images, that include everything from pistols bearing eyeballs, to butterfly humanoids, and other uniquely bizarre works. Proprietor James Dyer shared a bit of history behind the designs in a recent interview.

“During the communist period in Poland the state controlled the film industry and established artists were commissioned to design film posters. Unlike most film posters, the use of photos of film stars or film stills wasn’t mandatory, and most of the time even the main actors’ names didn’t feature prominently in the designs. The artists had to convey the essence of the film in their designs and were given artistic freedom to do so which led to some truly original posters that sometimes feel completely detached from the film itself.”

And it’s true. If Sean Connery or David Lynch’s names weren’t printed amongst the outlandish images, you might not be sure you were even looking at a movie poster. Minimalist poster fans will certainly find plenty to appreciate here. Click through for a closer look.

Blue Velvet, 1987

Sladami Czarnowlosej Dziewczyny (Traces of a Black Haired Girl), 1973

Kariera Na Zlecenie (Love At The Top), 1977

Szal, 1977

Godziny Grozy, 1975

Ten Okrutny Nikczemny Chlopak, 1972

Babie Lato (Indian Summer), 1974

Czlowiek Z Maisinicu, 1974

Dni Filmu Radz, Date to be confirmed

Ponad Strachem (Fear of Fear), 1976