Cool, Graphic Posters Inspired by ‘Dark Side of the Moon’


Atlanta-based graphic designer Stewart Scott-Curran says that he spent his childhood obsessing over the typography and layouts of his father’s folk music album covers. We think that it’s also safe to assume that, like many other teen boys before him, he spent a fair amount of time holed up in his bedroom, jamming out to Pink Floyd. In a new series of graphic posters that pays tribute to band’s 1973 album The Dark Side of the Moon, Scott-Curran’s use of simple, bold design mimics that of the classic LP’s iconic cover art; even those unfamiliar with the source material will appreciate the strik­ing two-color palette and clean lines that make the work so eye-catching. Click through to check out his designs now — preferably with The Wizard of Oz playing in the background to get the full effect.

“Speak to Me” / “Breathe”

“On the Run”


“The Great Gig in the Sky”


“Us and Them”

“Any Colour You Like” / “Brain Damage”


[via Coudal]