What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office


Today at Flavorpill, we discovered that if you’re in a jam, Pepto-Bismol can double as blush. We loved this contestant’s reaction to getting through the first round on The Price Is Right — particularly the part where she bowls over poor Neil Patrick Harris. We couldn’t wait to get our hands on one of these DIY Polaroid camera kits. We decided that the fact that Kristen Bell decided to dress up like Katniss Everdeen on her 30th birthday makes us love her even more than we did before. We found out that K names are going to be very popular this year. We listened to Murray Gold, composer and arranger of the music for Doctor Who since the 2005 reboot, play “I Am the Doctor” on the piano. We tried to imagine how we’d react if we found a life-size replica of E.T. washed up on the shore. We watched a really awkward old interview with Beck. We learned that there’s not really a difference between ketchup and catsup — and that the recipe for the sauce didn’t include tomatoes until the 1800s. We enjoyed Stereogum’s roundup of 10 classic albums released 10 years into a band’s career. We couldn’t not take this Downton Abbey personality quiz. And finally, we completely disagreed with The Awl’s ranking of The OC’s characters — mostly because they left Anna off their list completely and were entirely too fond of Kaitlin Cooper.