Top of the Vlogs: Our Favorite Fashion Videos


Where fashion blogs are for the most part mediocre and ubiquitous (other than this awesome and arty offering from twelve year old fashion blogger, Tavi) fashion videos on YouTube tend to follow suit with meaningless musings that are often more asanine and offensive than their blog counterparts. Luckily for you, we’ve trawled through them all to separate the wheat from the chaff (or the Hermes from the H&M) to bring you the best vlog offerings (and some hilarious one-off videos) from some highly questionable self-proclaimed stylists.

Fashion Police celebrate the L.A. Hipster

Hipsters get a pretty rough reception sometimes from mainstream culture, but this video shows the outrageous Clint Catalyst and Jayme Foxx boldly celebrating the errant ways of the LA hipster clan. You’ll love to hate them, yet begrudgingly agree with their Fashion Don’ts, and they’ll love you right back… after all irony is so in right now.

Has Everything Gone Retro?

This video is hilarious, if only for the E!News-style camera work, its meandering theme (what exactly is it about? retro styles? journals? timelines?) and for the catchy, entirely random song “My butt is kind of mushy.” Our reaction mirrors that of our host, who exclaims: “I just blew my own mind.”

1930s Futuristic Fashion Predictions

This gem gives us an insight into what the 1930s fashion crowd envisaged for the year 2000. Unfortunately, we’re way behind on the kind of ingenious styles they thought we’d be rocking: a belt that adjusts to a change in climate, the end of pockets, and (our favorite) an electric headlight that a woman would wear to help her find an honest man. Design-wise, these predictions aren’t too far off from Hussein Chalayan’s inspired animatronic creations , but the concept of a light to discern a man’s suitability is a timeless Victorian miners meets Jane Austen meets Carrie Bradshaw mashup and we love it.

Catwalk Queen: Designer Name Pronunciation

These quirky, demure English girls do regular vlogposts with endearing zine-style graphics and camera work. By far the best of their eclectic bunch is this video on how to pronounce the names of foreign designers. Embarrassingly, we discovered we’ve been saying Balmain wrong for years.

Mr T’s Fashion Show

Ever envied for his sartorial style, Mr T offers some frank advice about self-expression, with the help of some over-enthusiastic wackos, whom he photographs as they dance around the fake pastel photography studio to an awesomely ’80s soundtrack. Always ready to shun metaphor and promote straight-talkin’, Mr T suggests that the truest way to being yourself is by sewing your own name (as opposed to a designer like Calvin Klein) on to your clothes.

How to Make Your Own Porn Eyelashes

As Lady Gaga repeatedly and annoyingly reminds us, oversized and over-the-top are very a la mode. Glamournessmygod offers a refreshingly ridiculous take on this trend with his How To videos — his technique for making porn star-style eyelashes is just genius and a damnsight cheaper than shelling out for these Shu Uemura creations.