Watch Mindy Kaling Gossip with Conan About Meeting Bill Clinton


A few weeks ago, we witnessed a holiday miracle: Bill Clinton and Mindy Kaling appeared together on Today to talk about books. They seemed to get along — but we didn’t know quite how big of an impression Kaling made on the former president until last night, when she told Conan O’Brien about their fateful meeting. She discussed how embarrassing it was to recommend Gwyneth Paltrow’s cookbook when he was shouting out Marcus Aurelius and the way all her friends seem to have a crush on Clinton, which got Kaling thinking about her own chances. “I’m kind of Bill Clinton’s type,” she told O’Brien. “I was thinking of Monica Lewinsky, and if he was gonna, like, throw away a marriage, I was thinking, ‘I have a good shot at this.’ I’m kind of peppy and psyched, and I’m a little chunky.” (Note to Mindy: Girl, you are not “chunky.”) As it turns out, Kaling left the set before Clinton and later learned that he was disappointed because he’d wanted to say goodbye to her.

[via Splitsider]