NY State Gives I LOVE NY Logo Outdoor Chic Makeover


I heart NY State: The I LOVE NY logo that has persisted on souvenir T-shirts for 31 years is being updated! NEW YORK STATE TOURISM decided that the original MILTON GLASER logo was too narrow — the three stolid letters and iconic heart represented only the excitement of New York City, not the state as a whole. So in order to lure tourists beyond Times Square, the logo now appears covered in snow or with small animals perched near it. The tourism office hopes the range of designs will make tourists realize that New York is somehow an entire state and not just a city. [TTG]

Terence Koh’s sexy Jesus still rocking Christians across the pond…

He is risen?: British police have halted the prosecution against an art gallery displaying TERENCE KOH’s statue of Jesus with an erection. A Christian group brought charges against Gateshead’s BALTIC CENTRE, but after some investigation, police are confident that there is no case. The Christian group might still resurrect the case and pursue private prosecution for “outraging public decency.” [BBC]

British artists pulling for Titian: TRACEY EMIN delivered a petition to PM GORDON BROWN yesterday urging the government to keep two of TITIAN’s paintings in the UK. Signed by big names like LUCIAN FREUD, DAMIEN HIRST and DAVID HOCKNEY, the petition asks the government to support the 50-million-pound purchase of “DIANA AND ACTAEON” by the end of the year. The two paintings are being sold by the DUKE OF SUTHERLAND. [Artinfo]

McGinley climbs Jacobs’ ladder: MARC JACOBS made decisions earlier this week about who will model his spring campaigns. Though usually occupied with photography, RYAN MCGINLEY (who designed SIGUR ROS’ most recent album cover) will be appearing as the face of menswear. [WWD]

Leave It to Beaver Takes on Paris: No, it’s not a unearthed missing episode of the classic series. Actor TONY DOW, otherwise known as the Beav’s protective older brother Wally, will have one of his abstract sculptures displayed in the Louvre as part of the Societe Nationale des Beaux-Arts exhibition. No word yet on whether we’ll see any work from Eddie Haskell. [Seattle Post-Intelligencer]