The Time Has Come: Free Spotify Accounts Beginning to Run Out


Streaming music site Spotify, much beloved across the Atlantic, finally hit the US market this summer — July 14, to be exact — and many music lovers have been enjoying their free access to the site ever since. Or, maybe not quite enjoying to the fullest — the free version of Spotify has really annoying ads — but getting by with nonetheless. As we predicted, as the site hits its 6-month mark in the states in about a week, the free version will no longer have unlimited music playing possibilities, but will impose a 10-hour listening cap per month, as well as a 5-listen cap on any individual song. This is all in hopes of cajoling you into subscribing to one of the two paid tiers, Unlimited (about $5 a month), or Premium ($10 a month), and hopefully purchasing the $10 mobile app. Apparently, the six month cap on unlimited listening will start from whenever you personally signed up for the service, so if you were late to the party, you’ll probably have the last laugh — for a few months anyway. But more importantly, for those of you that signed up right away, now that you’ve gotten to play with Spotify for a while, will you be shelling out for the paid version or reverting to more questionable services like Grooveshark? [via BusinessInsider]