10 Highly Informative Celebrity How-To Videos


Recently, we discovered a wonderful collaboration between perennial tough-guy Vinnie Jones and The British Heart Foundation, which is airing TV advertisements starring the actor to raise awareness about proper CPR form. The move came after a study showed that nearly 50% of Brits are unsure about what to do if someone has a cardiac arrest, but we think everyone could use a little reminder (no kissing). Inspired by Jones’s video, we’ve collected a series of informative celebrity how-tos and informational videos, whether funny or serious, produced or off the cuff, on everything from dance moves to changing a tire to proper etiquette. Click through to take a look, and by all means, get ready to learn something.

Vinnie Jones on proper CPR technique:

Or, if you didn’t care for that, Ken Jeong on the same:

John Stamos on proper cuddling technique:

Jason Schwartzman teaches you to read the New Yorker on your iPad:

James Brown on various dance moves, including the foxiest Robot we’ve ever seen:

But he missed one, and so, the danciest Glee kids on how to Dougie:

Sir Ian McKellen on how to change a tire:

Russell Brand’s guide to manners:

Mr. T teaches rapping:

Jennifer Lopez on how to hop the train — sort of: