Strangely Compelling Photographs of Abandoned Sofas in Suburbia


Being some-time couch potatoes and lovers of photography, we were fascinated to see Melbourne-based photographer and PhD candidate Paul Batt‘s ongoing “Untitled Abandon Series” over at FeatureShoot. Batt writes, “My primary interest in the ‘Abandon Series’ is the apparent state of flux and contrast the subjects exist in. These once intimate, comfort giving, interior objects have become surreally out of place in the exterior world. Although their utilization is over, clues remaining of human habitation in the cushions and armrests formed to unknown bodies, over countless hours. It is this play between the interior and the exterior environments and the traces of human presence to absence that has informed the series as a whole.” Indeed, there is something very sad and nostalgic about a piece of furniture abandoned to the wild — unless, of course, it manages to find itself a new home. Click through to see some of Batt’s project, and then make sure to head over to his website to check out more of his work.