Watch the Creepiest Book Trailer We’ve Ever Seen: Ben Marcus’ ‘The Flame Alphabet’


We’re big fans of author Ben Marcus over here — and we have been known to enjoy a book trailer or two, though we’re not sure the form has been truly perfected as yet. But we’re not sure what to think about this recently released trailer for Marcus’s upcoming book, The Flame Alphabet, with art by Erin Cosgrove. It’s certainly creepy, and almost hard to watch, which fits the theme of the novel — a vision of the country when language, specifically the language of children, begins to poison humanity — but we think it’s missing some of the underlying humor and playfulness that makes Marcus’s work less bleak and much more interesting than your average doom-and-gloom novel. Click through to check it out and let us know what you think — does this trailer make you want to check out the book or stay far, far away?