Read David Bowie’s Adorable Letter to a Fan


Over the weekend, we celebrated David Bowie’s 65th birthday with a roundup of photos of the glam superstar doing boring, everyday activities like riding the subway and checking his email. You know what else he likes to do? Send letters. As we’ve noted before, Bowie is a crackerjack correspondent — especially when it comes to keeping in touch with his adoring fan-base. Our friends over at Letters of Note just posted a letter that a post-Ziggy Bowie sent to Susie Maguire back in April of 1974. A sample of the text: “At the moment I am finishing me new album and I hope you are enjoying ‘Rebel Rebel,’ which will be included in the album. I am mad on it. Hope you are.” Who knew that a form letter could be so endearing? Click through to check out the full thing — as well as the extremely stylish letterhead.

[via Letters of Note]