Watch a Heart-Meltingly Sweet Stop-Motion LEGO Marriage Proposal


Who could have predicted what the Internet would do for marriage proposals? It’s hard enough to muster the courage to ask your beloved to join you for all eternity, without the stress of finding a creative way to do it. Now, you’ve got to make a video, and it has to be a great video, or who would want to marry you in the first place? We would surely crack under this kind of pressure, but Atlanta-based filmmaker Walt Thompson most certainly didn’t. He spent 22 hours shooting the 2600 photos that make up this three-minute, stop-motion LEGO proposal that retells the history of Thompson’s relationship with his girlfriend, Nealey Dozier. He even recreated the outfits the two of them were wearing when they met. Unsurprisingly, Dozier said yes. So here’s hoping Han Solo really does make it to the wedding!

[via Designboom]