The Morning’s Top 5 Cultural Stories


1. The Daily Show‘s Jason Jones visits The New York Times, comparing it to a “walking Colonial Williamsburg,” and tells executive editor Bill Keller that his paper is boring and going belly up. (video) [via Gawker] 2. Speaking of the Times, are they really boycotting Warren St. John’s new book out of jealousy? [via NYP] 3. Black Lips’ Jared Swilley is trying to milk the Wavves controversy by publicly blasting Nathan Williams. (To the point we made here, note that Pitchfork’s top four news stories right now are all Wavves-related.) [via Pitchfork] 4. Unfortunately for Phil Spector (and now for you, dear reader) wigs are not allowed in California prisons. (pic) [via TSG] 5. Forgoing the skating rink or Chuck E. Cheese, Sasha Obama had her 8th birthday party at the Great Hall of Hogwarts with Harry Potter. [via Daily Mail]