15 TV Kitchens We Covet


As we may have mentioned, we are pretty excited to see Absolutely Fabulous back on TV. We missed Patsy and Edina, we missed Saffy, we missed Gran, and we especially missed Bubble, Eddy’s walking acid trip of an assistant. But it wasn’t until we read Tom & Lorenzo’s great blog post about the show’s return that we realized we had been longing for more than just the characters. As they note, Eddy has one hell of a kitchen, and it feels great to watch the cast sip coffee and chug champagne in it again. The Monsoon kitchen and 14 others that we wouldn’t minding owning are after the jump.

Absolutely Fabulous

Edina Monsoon’s life may be a series of high-fashion crises and narcissistic meltdowns, but let’s give credit where credit is due: The woman has one hell of a kitchen. We love its open design, the modern steel and wood touches, and the table big enough to seat drug-addled best friends, responsible daughters, and unwelcome, vaguely senile mothers alike. Of course, Eddy is never actually cooking in her kitchen — she gets a whole lot more use out of that ginormous wine fridge.

Mad Men

OK, so the counter looks a bit like an ironing board. But who cares when the cabinets are beautiful, polished wood and the wallpaper is freaking plaid?


Whether or not you liked Friends, if you live in New York, chances are the show shaped your expectations for what living in the city would be like. You would, for example, have a huge kitchen stuffed with appliances and decorated in charming, shabby-chic fashion, with cheerful, teal drawers, cabinets, and shelves.

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The Sopranos

Two things make this otherwise typical suburban kitchen wonderful: The long counter reminds us of a diner, and we can’t see it without thinking of all the delicious Italian meals Carmela cooked there.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

You can’t see them in this picture, but what really made the Banks’ posh kitchen — besides its enviable spaciousness and the butler who came with it — was the entire wall of French doors behind the breakfast table.

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Cougar Town

There’s a lot to love about Jules’ kitchen, but let’s start with the chairs — both the comfortable-looking gray ones at the table and the blue-and-white patterned pair at the island. The overhead lighting is perfect, too.

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Even well-intentioned serial killers need a place to cook. The tiles are an inspiration to everyone who’s ever lamented the limited design possibilities of a small apartment kitchen, and the high ceilings are fantastic (guess it helps not to have a roof…).


Another memorable apartment kitchen. The key here is versatility: an island that doubles as stove and triples as a table. We wouldn’t kick the marble counter tops or glassed-front cabinets out of our place, either.

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Gossip Girl

Sure, the Upper East Siders’ apartments are supposed to be more impressive than the Humphrey’s Williamsburg (or is that DUMBO?) digs. But we always preferred the “poor” family’s bohemian aesthetic — not to mention their exposed brick walls. The gold-and-gray color combination in the kitchen is gorgeous, and if we ever found that classed-up diner booth at an antique shop, you best believe we’d blow our savings on it.

Six Feet Under

The Fishers might live in 21st-century Los Angeles, but their kitchen wouldn’t be out of place in a ’50s farmhouse. Not only is it a fantastic room; it’s also an apt manifestation of mother Ruth’s retrograde sensibility and role in the family.

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The Good Wife

Compiling this list has made us realize something: Blue is an excellent color in the kitchen. For the Florricks, the shade is so light it’s almost white, but the hint of hue makes all the difference.

Pretty Little Liars

There’s a lot to love about Hannah’s kitchen: The spaciousness, the clean, modern, black-and-white aesthetic, that gigantic island. But we’re especially into that gray tile. Unusual! (Thanks to the shockingly comprehensive Pretty Little Liars Wiki, you can see many more photos of the room here.)

Sex and the City

Everyone has an unrealistically lavish apartment on Sex and the City, but the kitchen we’re partial to is Miranda’s. As ever, we are a sucker for good tile. While this pattern might be a little loud in some settings, the muted, blue counter top and white cabinets offset it perfectly.

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An oldie but a goodie: Our dream kitchen has a black-and-white parquet floor and an endless supply of beautiful copper cookware.

American Horror Story

Speaking of black-and-white parquet floors, we wouldn’t mind them paired with big bay windows, spendy appliances, and ample built-in storage space, either. You decide: Is the kitchen of a lifetime worth being haunted by a menagerie of campy, murderous ghosts?