What Were the Campiest Films and TV Shows of 2011?


Maybe you’re stockpiling alcoholic beverages for Ricky Gervais’ triumphant return to the Golden Globe Roast — er, Awards — stage Sunday. Perhaps you’re already planning your Oscar party. But friends, we are here to tell you about the best pop-culture honors you’ve never heard of: the Dorian Awards. Presented by the Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association, they feature the hands-down best categories we’ve seen, from “Unsung Film of the Year” to the “We’re Wilde About You Rising Star Award.”

By far our favorite honor is the “Campy (Intentional or Not)” prize. In the film category, nominees range from Gregg Araki’s decadent indie Kaboom to Justin Bieber: Never Say Never. TV, meanwhile, offers a tough choice between American Horror Story, True Blood, Revenge, and more. Visit The Wrap to see the full list of nominees, and update your Netflix queue accordingly.