Online Shopping Away the Recession Blues at Goodwill


We have found yet another reason to celebrate in these massively unfortunate economic times: We learned from a post on ASSME that Goodwill, yea, seriously, Goodwill!, is simply spilling over with designer duds for nothing. OK, so maybe they were making fun of the New York Times for their condescending reporting on this “trend”, but we decided that we need to check it out for ourselves anyway. Read on past the jump to see what we uncovered in this bargain paradise.

Not only can you go to your local Goodwill and check out their goods, but you can also shop their “collections” online! Every item is pictured, and if it’s designer, there’s a picture of the label too, à la eBay. We couldn’t believe some of the things on there were going for such low prices. Christian Dior, Burberry, vintage furs… there were some real finds, and most for under $20. (There were also a significant number of Vera Bradley bags. Sorority girl guilt, perhaps?)

We’ve pulled out a few of our favorites below.

Vera Wang Sleeveless Metallic Dress Size 10, $13.99 Brown Dark Eyed Mink Stole, $5 L. Bamberger & Co. Fur Coat, $6 Group of Five Christian Dior Men’s Print Neckties, $5 Pink Salamander Lilly Pulitzer Dress Size 6P, $14 Christian Dior, Amrose, & Betty Jean’s Mink Hats, $26 Black Chanel Boots, $51