Watch a Rare Errol Morris Doc About Stephen Hawking


For whatever reason Errol Morris’ 1991 documentary on Stephen Hawking, A Brief History of Time, is almost impossible to find on DVD, and while the filmmaker recently tweeted plans for a re-release (“It was never properly color corrected and is one of my best films”), we can’t seem to find any proof that it will be happening anytime soon. That’s why we’re happy to announce, thanks to a tip from Jason Kottke, that a version of the film has made its way onto YouTube; both the sound and picture quality aren’t all that great (which is a real shame, given that frequent Morris collaborator Philip Glass did the soundtrack), but you still get all of the good stuff — not only an intimate glimpse at his work and theories about the universe, but details about the renowned physicist’s early years, courtesy of interviews with several family members, as well as his childhood nanny. Enjoy!