An Artful Montage of ‘Breaking Bad’s’ POV Scenes


AMC’s Breaking Bad has allowed us to view the series through various clever, surreal, and unexpected point of view angles. We’ve seen the action-drama through the eyes of a shovel, a Roomba, and even a toilet bowl — all fairly mundane things made more fascinating in context with each unique perspective and character relation. Vimeo user Kogonada was kind enough to compile a montage of the show’s various POV scenes, allowing us to relive each moment all over again. The whole thing is nicely edited and set to Jonathan Elias’ “Move,” making it feel more like a dreamscape than your average fan cut. Check it out past the jump. On a related note, visit our breakdown of Giancarlo Esposito’s interesting Reddit interview over here.

Breaking Bad Remix // POV Compilation from kogonada on Vimeo.