The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories


1. She might be less than a week old, but thanks to her credited appearance on “Glory,” Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s new baby daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, is now the youngest person ever to have a song on the Billboard chart. [via Billboard]

2. The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences is considering moving the Oscars from its home for the past decade — the Kodak Theatre — to the Nokia Theatre in downtown LA, which has twice the capacity. [via LAT]

3. Big news for comics fans: DC Comics has announced that it’s cancelling six of its current titles (Blackhawks, O.M.A.C., Men of War, Hawk and Dove, Mister Terrific, and Static Shock) and introducing six new ones, including Grant Morrison’s Batman Incorporated and Dial H by fantasy novelist China Miéville. [via ArtsBeat]

4. Last night was the People’s Choice Awards, which honors popular movies, TV shows, and musicians, based on over 230 million votes from fans. Not so surprisingly, the big winners of the evening were Katy Perry (who was a no-show) and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows: Part II. [via Vulture]

5. The Velvet Underground is accusing the Andy Warhol Foundation of trademark infringement, claiming that it illegally licensed the famous banana logo from their first album cover — which was never officially copyrighted — for use on other products. [via BBC]

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