Video of the Day: Henry Rollins for President


What would Henry Rollins do if he were president? Would he fast-track a ban on hipsterdom? Or replace State of the Union addresses with intense conversations with his favorite filmmakers? In fact, it sounds like he would be a much better — and more practical — leader than some of our real presidents. In an interview with Big Think in which he discusses what he’d do, given the keys to the Oval Office, Rollins said, “My first day in office, I would have lost Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. I would have re-established Glass-Steagall. I would have demanded that the Bush tax cuts would have sunsetted… I would have gone in reacting to eight years of George W. Bush, two useless wars that make America hemorrhage life and treasure. I would immediately start repairing the perception of America in the world.” Of course, he also believes some government higher-ups would sit him down and disabuse him of the notion that meaningful change is possible. Watch the video after the jump, and see if it doesn’t inspire you to make your very own Rollins/MacKaye ’12 sign.

[via Dangerous Minds]