Watch Jimmy Fallon Perform as Tebowie (Yes, That’s David Bowie + Tim Tebow)


Well, sports fans, the day has come. Someone has finally made us care about Tim Tebow. Not because of whatever football thing is happening. (If you’re still as confused about that as we are, sources tell us Gawker has a pretty helpful intro.) No, we’re paying attention to Tebow today because, last night, Jimmy Fallon mashed him up with David Bowie and took the stage in full Ziggy Stardust-meets-Denver Broncos regalia to perform as “Tebowie.” But Fallon didn’t just look the part — he did a pretty mean Bowie, and rewriting “Space Oddity” as a conversation between the devout Tebow and a Jesus Christ who’s tired of the quarterback bugging him on his day of rest was a stroke of genius.

[via Prefix]