HBO Announces ‘Girls,’ ‘Veep,’ ‘Game Change’ Premiere Dates


There are a whole lot of new lady-helmed shows coming to HBO this spring, and the premium channel has just announced when they’ll premiere. We can look forward to Tiny Furniture director Lena Dunham’s Girls, a Judd Apatow-backed half-hour comedy about three underemployed college grads in New York, April 15th. If you’re not as excited about the show as we are, you may want to watch the trailer. Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Veep, which stars the erstwhile Elaine as the vice president of the United States and also features the wonderful Anna Chlumsky, will debut April 22nd. Considering that the team behind the show also made the hilarious film In the Loop, we’re expecting some incredibly snappy dialogue. Meanwhile, Game Change, the HBO original movie that casts Julianne Moore as Sarah Palin, will air March 10th.

Don’t worry, Game of Thrones fans, the network hasn’t forgotten you. Mark your calendars for April 1st, because that’s when Season 2 premieres. [via TVLine]