MTV’s Original VJs Writing Tell-All Book


If you can remember back to a time when MTV played music — lots and lots of music, in fact — then you’ll probably be excited by the news that the network’s four surviving original vjs — Martha Quinn, Alan Hunter, Mark Goodman, and Nina Blackwood — have signed a deal with Atria Books to write an uncensored oral history of its salad days in the early ’80s.

“The original vjs are to the MTV generation what the original cast of Saturday Night Live was to the ’70s generation, in terms of their influence and their iconic status,” says Judith Curr, Executive Vice President and Publisher of Atria Books. “This book will give voice to how Nina, Mark, Alan and Martha became the narrators of the early ’80s for us all.”

So, are you at all intrigued by the promise of reading some decades old dirt? Do you, like us, wish that cut-offs lovin’ vj Downtown Julie Brown of Club MTV fame was old school enough to be involved with the project? [via Gothamist]