The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories


1. In case you haven’t heard the thrilling news yet, the long-awaited Season 5 premiere of Mad Men on March 25, which was penned by series creator Matthew Weiner, is going to be a delicious two hours long. [via Vulture]

2. Contraband, Mark Wahlberg’s new thriller about an ex drug smuggler forced to get back into the game, surprised us all by wining the top spot at the weekend box office, taking in an estimated $24 million. Beauty and the Beast 3-D came in second place, with $18.5 million in ticket sales, and Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol — which has already made more than the original Mission: Impossible movie — rounded out the top three with a $11.5 million draw. [via ArtsBeat]

3. Taking the company’s unhealthy obsession with giant glass structures to a whole new level, a planned Apple Store in Aix en Provence, France is basically going to be invisible. [via Gizmodo]

4. Multiple medical marijuana dispensaries in LA are selling a new strain of marijuana called “OG Blue Ivy,” in homage to Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s new baby daughter Blue Ivy Carter. In related news: an Australian researcher has named a horsefly that has a golden butt after Beyoncé. [via NME, EW]

5. According to the Daily Express , two members of the Downton Abbey cast, Elizabeth McGovern and Michelle Dockery (aka Countess of Grantham and her daughter Lady Mary), are recording an album together that’s due out later this year.

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