A Far Cry From “I’m Not a Chicken, You’re a Turkey”


Remember the last time you did drugs? Maybe not. Remember the last time you watched an anti-drug commercial? You probably laughed. Really hard. Because, after all, most of them are seriously dumb. How scary can an egg frying in a pan be — even when the situation involves Rachel Leigh Cook and she’s going crazy? However, we recently came across a couple of ads that will make you cry. These are not the anti-drug commercials of our childhood. This is some scary shit — even for adults. Prepare to be FREAKED out.

The one where a guy does lines of HIS OWN BRAIN:

The one where the girl with the tramp stamp sleeps with old people to get meth money:

The one where a girl sells herself and her sister in a two-for-one deal for just $50:

The one with the dead British dog that talks:

The low-budget one where the meth head becomes covered in sores: