Portraits of Historical Badasses as 21st-Century Hipsters


If some of history’s most notorious badasses were in their prime today, how would they dress? Well, Chilean artist Fab Ciraolo, whose illustrations of ’80s cartoon heroes in vintage clothes we recently featured, has hazarded a guess. After the jump, you’ll see Frida Kahlo as a chain-smoking Daft Punk fan; Salvador Dalí in a leopard-trimmed jacket and a Vampire Weekend T-shirt; Che Guevara gone post-punk; and a nipple-taped Cleopatra with a big, honking Justice tattoo. The site of historical rebels from around the globe dressed in the trappings of 21st-century counterculture is lots of fun, but also somewhat jarring in that commodification-of-dissent way, no?

Fab Ciraolo, Frida, 2011

Fab Ciraolo, Salvador Dalí, 2011

Fab Ciraolo, Che Guevara, 2011

Fab Ciraolo, Cleopatra, 2011

[via Boum Bang]