Iconic Black and White Photos Amazingly Recolored


We first saw this series of famous black and white photographs made new with a little recoloring over at Thaeger. While the concept isn’t earth-shattering, the results are pretty amazing — taking moments from the history books and reinventing them for a new generation. How else are we to fully appreciate Albert Einstein’s smart sweater, or Charlie Chaplin’s baby face, sans mustache? The portraits in Sanna Dullaway’s series have that reach out and touch quality, and the iconic “event” pictures breathe new life into each memorable moment. Margaret Bourke-White’s photo of the breadline during the Louisville flood in 1937 has been reprinted in blurry black and white so many times, it’s refreshing to actually see the expressions on each person’s face. Meanwhile, Alfred Eisenstaedt’s V-J Day in Times Square circa 1945 proves that making out is always better in color. Click through for a closer look at select photos from the series.

Mark Twain. Image credit: Sanna Dullaway

Anne Frank. Image credit: Sanna Dullaway

Charlie Chaplin. Image credit: Sanna Dullaway

Charles Darwin. Image credit: Sanna Dullaway

Abraham Lincoln. Image credit: Sanna Dullaway