15 Great Works of Literature-Inspired Nail Art


Earlier this week, we discovered a set of lovely golden Lord of the Rings-inspired nails over at io9, and we have to admit that we’ve been daydreaming about our perfect literary dream manicures ever since. After all, we’ve already gushed over (and failed at trying to replicate) these awesome Twin Peaks nails, so it’s only fair we give a little love to the literary side of fingernail-based super-fandom. Because if you’re serious about being a literary nerd, why not extend your love of books to the very tools that let you turn the pages and proclaim your great taste in reading material to the world all at once? Click through to get inspired by a few of our favorite works of literary nail art, and let us know which books you’re dying to have at your fingertips in the comments!

Lord of the Rings [via]

Harry Potter [via]

The Great Gatsby [via]

A Song of Ice and Fire [via]

A Clockwork Orange [via]

The works of Edgar Allan Poe [via]

Pride and Prejudice [via]

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies [via]

The Hunger Games [via]

Macbeth [via]

Tintin [via]

Where the Wild Things Are [via]

Alice in Wonderland [via]

William Blake’s “The Tyger” [via]

The Little Prince [via]