Azealia Banks Signs to Universal


We’ve already checked in today with a pair of buzzy, new female musicians we aren’t crazy about, so it’s nice to have some news from one we absolutely adore. Azealia Banks, who just this week graced us with the thumping, Aaliyah-sampling new song “NEEDSUMLUV,” has scored a major-label deal. “I am now officially signed to Universal Music,” she tweeted this afternoon. And she seems pretty psyched about it, adding, “Wow I just wanna drink a million bottles of champagne and do a million bell kicks right now.” Now she’s teasing us about when her debut full-length will drop: “Album in May? Possibly June?”

Indie purists hoping Banks would stay underground may be disappointed, but they shouldn’t be surprised. Last month, she tweeted, “I am not going to stay independent. I do not want to be the grungy hipster brown girl you all are begging me to be.” Hey, if going for full-on fame means that this time next year her music will be on the iPods of every teenage girl in America, we’re not gonna argue. [via Vulture]