Pic of the Day: Andy Warhol Shopping for Campbell’s Soup


There have been many theories over the years that explained why Andy Warhol created his iconic Campbell’s Soup can paintings in 1962. Many people have taken credit for giving the legendary pop artist the idea. Others say the imagery was born out of a need to differentiate his comic artwork from Roy Lichtenstein’s. Warhol himself has shared that his mother used to create tin flowers out of empty soup cans (a meal that was apparently served quite often at the Warhola household). There’s even a recent theory about Willem de Kooning’s influence on the Pittsburgh native.

Whatever the case may be, this photograph of a then unknown Andy Warhol (yes, it’s hard to imagine sometimes isn’t it?) buying soup at New York’s Gristedes’ Supermarket is beyond amazing. We imagine not long after he snatched these up, his 32 canvases depicting various Campbell’s Soup flavors were being lined up for his first one-man exhibition at L.A.’s Ferus Gallery. Even though the label is blurry, let’s just pretend he’s buying his favorite flavor: tomato. Holy history in the making, Batman. [Spotted via The High Definite]