More Pixar Heroines to Save the Day


Pixar movies are so excellent that it takes some creativity to rag on them (why does everything need to be ragged on? A question for another day). Flavorwire addressed the charge that Pixar movies are sexist a few months ago, but now that Pixar has released its schedule up to 2012, the topic is relevant once again. DoubleX enthusiastically pointed out that 2011’s The Bear and The Bow will feature a female main character, voiced by Reese Witherspoon. We have to hand it to Pixar for making a girl-centered movie, even if she is a princess rather than a normal kid (a la Lilo in Lilo in Stitch). Is it possible that Hollywood is actually listening to filmgoers who care about sex and gender representations? That would certainly be refreshing.

Merida of The Bear and The Bow may be Pixar’s first female main character, but she’ll hardly be the first cool chick to appear in a Pixar film. Here’s a list of our favorites.

1. Jessie the cowgirl, of Toy Story 2

2. Boo of Monsters, Inc.

3. Helen Parr of The Incredibles

4. Dorie of Finding Nemo

5. EVE of Wall-E

Also on deck from Pixar over the next few years? Toy Story 3, a movie about the last two newts on earth called Newt, and the sequel to Cars. Who are your favorite animated female characters? Let us know in the comments!