Matchmaking for TV Teens: 8 Gay Couples We’d Like to See


Right now, Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson from Glee are arguably the sweetest, most talented young couple on television. Often celebrated as paving the way for gay teens on TV (don’t worry, we didn’t forget about you, Billy Douglas), the duo has defied the odds of Glee couple failure to prevail as one of its most functional long-term pairs. Indeed, other gay teen characters sometimes find similarly successful matches within their respective series, but we’ve never seen a pair never quite as Entertainment Weekly cover-worthy as Kurt and Blaine. So, we’re reprising our role as trans-series matchmaker with some LGBT high schoolers we’d like to see together. Check ’em out after the jump, and hit the comments to let us know of any other pairings you’d like to see.

Rickie Vasquez, My So-Called Life + Maxxie Oliver, Skins (UK)

If Rickie from My So-Called Life and Maxxie from Skins were to live in the same decade, country, and school district, these two drama club members would hit it off, don’t you think? Like us, Rickie would be impressed by Maxxie’s ability to tap dance and multitask like it ain’t no thing, and Maxxie would hop on in on Rickie’s spontaneous “What Is Love” dance-offs. Drama club could be the new Glee club, and we’d love it.

Santana Lopez, Glee + Naomi Campbell, Skins (UK)

Next up, we have Santana from Glee and Naomi from Skins. True, Naomi has Emily and Santana (sometimes) has Brittany, but these two would make a better match. While their current girlfriends might cry at the occasional snide remark, Santana and Naomi would bask in their mutual bad-girl tendencies and simultaneously keep each other in line. If they dated, way less tears would be shed.

Ian Gallagher, Shameless (US) + Eric van der Woodsen, Gossip Girl

Ian Gallagher and Eric van der Woodsen both come from crazy families and lead highly dramatic TV lives, but wouldn’t they go well together on the same series? Sure, their current TV writers would probably throw in a scandalous class struggle between the two, but they could prevail to provide one another with the sanity and stability that both teens deserve.

Tea Marvelli, Skins (US) + Emily Fields, Pretty Little Liars

Tea from MTV’s Skins shares all the bold, fearless qualities of Maya, Emily’s current Pretty Little Liars girlfriend, except Tea is much more upfront. Maya is surely keeping secrets, which an overly paranoid Emily doesn’t need in a relationship. So, we’d like Emily and Tea better.

Justin Suarez, Ugly Betty + Simon Doonan, Beautiful People

Beautiful People is about the young life of Barneys creative director Simon Doonan, and Ugly Betty‘s Justin Suarez is just about as fashion forward as it gets. Justin always goes for what he wants, and we’re pretty sure he’d want Simon. And we’re pretty sure we’d love them together.

Alex Kelly, The O.C. + Anna Taggaro, One Tree Hill

These ladies played similar roles within their respective series — they randomly showed up, dated male characters, then eventually settled on girls. Maybe it’s just because they were both 20-somethings playing teenagers, but Alex and Anna would have absolutely ruled the school together with their cool teen confidence, had they been on the same hit series.

Andrew Van de Kamp, Desperate Housewives + Marshall Gregson, United States of Tara

Let’s put Andrew Van de Kamp’s criminal past behind us and embrace him for the nice, self-assured guy he turned out to be, shall we? Now, imagine him dating Marshall from United States of Tara. Couldn’t he be exactly what poor, grieving Marshall needs?

Maya St. Germain, Pretty Little Liars + Emily Fitch, Skins

The above ladies are both good girls with rebellious streaks, and Emily from Skins — who’s seen her share of outlandish spectacles — could probably handle Maya’s weird secrets way better than Emily from Pretty Little Liars.