Eat This: Sonic Youth, the Beastie Boys Teach ‘Sassy’ Magazine to Make Their Favorite Recipes


We recently stumbled over this great blast from the past over at Good Food Stories: a collection of “Eat This” columns from the now-defunct but definitely life-changing Sassy Magazine, in which staffers and celebrities taught readers how to make their favorite dishes. Evan Dando of the Lemonheads shares the ingredients of his special “Morning Noonan Night Sauce,” while a wildly young-looking Sonic Youth suggests putting butter on your tuna tacos, and Spike Jonze and Beastie Boy drummer Mike D. spend five hours making a carrot cake. There are suggestions from non-celebrities too, all worth a look for that trademark Sassy attitude so rare in print publications these days. Click through for a little culinary inspiration from the early ’90s, and head on over to Good Food Stories for bigger images and even more recipes!