France Is Going to Build “Napoleonland”


You may not think that the life and conquests of a neurotic military and political leader would be good fodder for an amusement park, but it seems that the French do. Oh yes, “Napoleonland,” which is being promoted as a Disneyland rival, will feature attractions like a battlefield ski run “surrounded by the frozen bodies of soldiers and horses,” a recreation of Louis XVI being guillotined, and interactive (that is, visitor participation allowed) battle reenactments. Those are not jokes. The park would be situated just south of Paris, on the site of the Battle of Montereau, Napoleon Bonaparte’s final 1814 victory against the Austrians. The project organizers, led by former French minister Yves Jégo, need raise £180 million to get started, but what investor wouldn’t want to give everything he had to see a water show recreating the 1805 Battle of Trafalgar? We know we would. What do you think of this project — good historical fun or in altogether bad taste? Let us know in the comments! [via The Telegraph ]