Delightful Barbie Tributes to Famous Works of Art


For reasons that are obvious now that we’re no longer five years old, Barbie often gets a bad rap. But once upon a time, the little plastic doll with the impossible proportions was one of our most beloved toys. We’re assuming that it was the same for a French woman named Jocelyne Grivaud who is hoping to change the way that we see Barbie by incorporating her image into some of art history’s most famous works. Click through to see Barbie as everyone from Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring to Warhol’s Marilyn, and let us know in the comments which remixed work of art is your favorite.

Andy Warhol

Man Ray

Guy Bourdin

Pablo Picasso

Otto Dix

Leornardo Da Vinci

Vénus de Milo

Johannes Vermeer

Edouard Manet

René Magritte

[via thaeger]